March 2021 News

  • Congrats Andy, Marc and Amy on your new paper!

February 2021 News

  • Olga, Alvaro and Rafa join the lab as postdocs- welcome! And welcome to Tong who has joined as PhD student.

November 2020 News

  • Kateryna joins the lab- welcome!

October 2020 News

  • Welcome to the lab, Diana!
  • Congrats Marc and Andy on your review paper

April 2020 News

  • We are moving to the Francis Crick Institute!

Jan 2020 News

  • Congratulations, Dr. Marc Mora!

July 2019 News

  • Elvira’s and Andy’s paper in Nature Physics is out!

May 2017 News

  • Stephanie has joined the lab!
  • Our new paper has been Tailoring protein nanomechanics with chemical reactivity accepted in Nature Communications!
  • Our new paperThe nanomechanics of lipid multibilayer stacks exhibits complex dynamics has been accepted in Small!

February 2017 News:

  • We are welcoming a new postdoc Vinoth and a new masters student Sam!
  • Massive congratulations to Aisling for successfully defending her PhD!

January 2017 News:

  • Our new paper Binding of Myomesin to Obscurin-Like-1 at the Muscle M-Band Provides a Strategy for Isoform- Specific Mechanical Protection has been published in Structure!

October 2016 News:

  • Julio Fernandez, pioneer of single molecule mechanics studies, has recently received the Juan Negrín Award Read more about it here!

August 2016 News:

  • Our new paper ‘Protein S-sulfenylation is a fleeting molecular switch that regulates non-enzymatic oxidative folding‘ has just been published in Nature Communications!

June 2016 News:

  • We are welcoming a new Lab technician to the lab this month… Palma Rico Lastres!

March 2016 News:

  • We are welcoming 3 new Post Docs to the lab this month… Elvira InfanteFlavia Autore and Jim Wang!

February 2016 News:

  • Welcome to our visiting student Aina Cabedo-Gomez!
  • Judit and Amy have been selected to give talks at the 2016 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting! 

December 2015 News:

  • The paper entitled Single molecule force spectroscopy predicts a misfolded, domain-swapped conformation in human γD-crystallin has been published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry in collaboration with the Julio Fernandez lab!
  • Huge congratulations to Josep Relat-Goberna for successfully defending his PhD!

November 2015 News:

  • Welcome to our new Postdoc Bob-Dan Lechner!

October 2015 News:

  • Welcome to our new PhD Student Marc Mora!
  • Our new paper ‘Mechanobiology – chemical origin of membrane mechanical resistance and force-dependent signaling‘ has just been published in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology!

July 2015 News:

  • Our new paper ‘The mechanochemistry of  a structural zinc finger‘ have just been published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters and has also been selected as ACS Editors Choice!– Congratulations Judit!
  • Our new paper ‘The mechanochemistry of copper reports on the directionality of unfolding in model cupredoxin proteins‘ has just been published in Nature Communications – Congratulations Amy!

June 2015 News:

  • Welcome to our two new postdocs David Giganti and Marta Castro-Lopez!
  • Our new paper ‘Direct Observation of the Dynamics of Self-Assembly of Individual Solvation Layers in Molecularly Confined Liquids‘ has just been published in Phys. Rev. Lett – Congratulations Josep!