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Elvira InfanteElvira pic
I obtained my PhD in Cancer Cell biology at King’s College London under the supervision of Prof Anne Ridley. My PhD work focused on understanding the role Rho GTPases in T-ALL cell migration. In 2012 I moved to Paris for a postdoc in the laboratory of Dr Philippe Chavrier at the Institut Curie where I worked on understanding how cancer cells use their degradative machinery in order to remodel the extracellular matrix and invade. I joined the laboratory of Prof. Sergi Garcia-Manyes to undertake an interdisciplinary project combining different techniques such as single cell atomic force microscopy and magnetic tweezers to elucidate the mechanisms of cellular mechanotransduction.

Jim Yong Jian Wang  Jim
I have a Ph.D in polymer physics. My research interests focus on force related phenomena at the surface/interface at multiscale systems in both physics and biology.  I have studied dewetting instability of polymer thin film, contact angle hysteresis, and membrane protein assembling. During my research, I also developed AFM based capillary force apparatus, and SFA/FRET system which integrates surface force apparatus (SFA) with Foster Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET) imaging. In Garcia-Manyes lab, I work in mechanobiology, studying mechanical force related functions of protein and protein complex.

Andrew Stannard Uganda
I completed my PhD, titled Pattern Formation in Nanostructured Systems, in September 2009 under the supervision of Prof. Moriarty in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham, where I remained as an independent Research Fellow for five years, sequentially holding EPSRC PhD Plus, Leverhulme Trust Early Career, and Nottingham Advanced Research Fellowships, and gaining promotion to Senior Research Fellow in 2013. My research revolved around utilizing experimental and computational techniques towards the advancement of scanning probe microscopy of, and the self-assembly processes in, a wide range of nanomaterials. In 2014 I took a break from academia to pursue my passion for equality in education, and commenced secondary school teacher training in the pilot cohort of the Researchers in Schools programme, placing postdoctoral researchers into schools with low social mobility and poor university participation rates. As such, I become a Teacher of Science at Barnhill Community High School in West London and an Honorary Research Associate at King’s College London. I’ve now returned to academia to work in the laboratory of Prof. Garcia-Manyes, part of the Experimental Biophysics and Nanotechnology group in the Department of Physics at King’s College London.

Amy BeedlePhoto on 21-01-2014 at 14.07
In 2018 I completed my PhD in the Garcia-Manyes where I was using single molecule force spectroscopy AFM to investigate how mechanical forces can modulate the reactivity of individual proteins.  I am now using the newly built magnetic tweezers set-up to investigate proteins with low mechanical stability.

PhD Students

Marc Mora Hortal
Marc-websiteI obtained my Chemistry degree from the University of Barcelona in 2015. During my time here, I undertook a research project in the Self Organized Complexity and Self Assembled Material group, investigating chiral structures in liquid crystals. My PhD in the Garcia-Manyes lab is funded by Fight for Sight, and the main goal of my research is to use single molecule force-clamp spectroscopy to capture the molecular onset of protein misfolding.

Sam Gulaidi Breen
SamI am currently a project student enrolled on the molecular biophysics MRes at KCL. My project couples Atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy to investigate cellular nanobiomechanics, and the effects of force on nuclear mechanotransduction. I obtained my BSc in biochemistry at UEA, where I worked on a research project in which I studied the protein-protein interactions of a membrane bound multi-heme cytochrome known as CymA in Shewenella Oneidensis MR-1. Upon completion of my masters, I will begin my PhD studentship at the Francis Crick institute. There, I will undergo a project investigating the unfolding pathways of individual membrane proteins in a lipid bilayer using single molecule force techniques. This project will be under the supervision of Dr Justin Molloy, and Professors Paula Booth and Sergi Garcia-Manyes.

Fani Panagaki
I finished my first degree in Crop Science and Plant Genetics from Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), in 2015. After graduating with a MSc from AUA, I obtained an MRes in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences from King’s College London. During my research project I worked on developing a hypoxia sensitive sensor to track cancer cell metastasis in vivo. In October 2017, I started my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Sergi Garcia-Manyes to study how cells react to mechanical forces using a variety of single cell and single molecule techniques such as, single cell / single molecule AFM and magnetic tweezers.
Email : Fani.

Lab Technicians

Stephanie BoardStephanie
I studied Biochemistry at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2013. I then completed my MSc in Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Sussex in 2017. My research project was carried out in the lab of Dr Erika Mancini, investigating Protein-Protein interactions for drug discovery efforts. My role as a research technician in the Garcia-Manyes group involves preparation and purification of the polyprotein constructs which are later studied by force spectroscopy.

Elena Rostkova



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